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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 13, 2017 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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the 10:00 news on fox 2 starts now. >> massive flames lit up the early morning sky, eating through an apartment complex under construction. this isn't the first fire at this site. good saturday evening everyone. a large five-alarm fire broke out this morning at an apartment complex under construction. the site called the intersection has burned before. now there's another problem, a construction crane weakened in the fire is in danger of kraps collapsing. we're at the scene tonight with more on the fire, the possible cause, and the investigation. good evening, rob. >> good evening. as a result of the fire a massive operation is taking place right now in west oakland. take a look behind me here. this is the construction crane we are talking about damaged this morning in that early morning fire. osha determined it's unsafe.
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some time tonight it will be dismantled. crews from alameda county, oakland fire, also emeryville hosing down this building putting out hot spots, making sure crews can get close enough to start work and take the crane down. 35 residents in 15 units on the southern side of the building have been evacuated. it's not known when they will be home. getting to the bottom of the fire and cause will take some time. the massive fire along the emeryville oakland border lit up the early morning sky on san pablo avenue off interstate 580. the southern corner of add line street was -- adeline street was evacuated. three blocks away becca reed was awakened by the sound of sirens. >> it was huge. it was scary. it was just really freaky. a lot of other neighbors were
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out. it wasn't totally light yet, but it was huh among gous. -- humongous. >> a construction crane was deemed unsafe. in the process of being dismantled. it was clear to neighbors they've seen the scene before. >> once i got close enough i was like wow that is the same exact building that burned down to the ground last fourth of july. not even a year ago. >> a six-alarm fire also spread to neighboring townhouses. it was likely caused by kids setting off fireworks from an unfinished fifth floor. this case of deja vu has people raising questions. >> how could it be an accident? i'm sorry to say like, we're all just suspicious of this situation. and the fact that i mean, accidental fires happen all the time. but a building like that goes up? it makes me think like this is drib deliberate.
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>> -- deliberate. >> fire investigators also have questions. >> considering this is the second time the fire has taken place at this particular location, nothing is being ruled out. >> the construction site known as the intersection planned to offer affordable market rate housing with 105 apartments and 25,000 square feet of commercial space. late saturday equipment moved in to dismantle the damaged crane. developers now will face further delays as fire marshals and atf agents investigate. it's unclear if they will rebuild or downsize. when construction starts susan reed will be watching and worrying. >> i fear that the entire neighborhood could have gone up. it's not just this building. it's the people who live next door to it and all the businesses in the neighborhood. >> and back here live, those 35 residents that have been evacuated are getting help from the red cross. as we look at the live pictures here we're seeing movement from the crane. a backhoe doing some work here
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as they try to get closer to this building and get this crane dismantled. i'm being told they will be here all night. they have lights set up. i spoke with an atf field agent. he said that because of the nature of the fire and scope of the damage they have an obligation to be involved as part of the investigation. live in west oakland. rob malcolm ktvu fox 2. >> we received a statement from the atf. they responded as part of a partnership with the local fire departments. alameda county requested the national response team and they're enroute from around the country and will be arriving in the next day or two. as the fire burned through the intersection those who live and work nearby scrambled to protect themselves. the massive fire rained embers on nearby buildings. kristin captain has more on how the fire spread.
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>> eyewitnesss say the massive five-alarm fire sent smoke and embers high into the sky. >> we figured we better get out of there. opened up the back door and it's raining embers down. >> ktvu was there as oakland fire crews scrambled to save this home which caught fire at 9:00 this morning, four hours after the main blaze started and two blocks away. firefighters say the windy conditions made the initial fire nearly impossible to contain. >> it was a lot of wind. so we had oesh buildings -- other buildings no too far from here that because of embers were also caught fire. we had to set up another group of engine companies and truck companies to go to that area and fight fire. >> ronnie says he awoke to a fire storm. >> i was videoing it and next thing you know embers flying everywhere. >> his mission quickly assess the damage.
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>> they burned it all up here. all the trees in the back. >> then he had to act fast, using a garden hose to save his home. >> thank jesus. i thank the lord because i was able to get out here with the water hose. because i had it long enough to come back here. i was wetting down the top of this. >> fire officials will stay here overnight trying to make sure the fire doesn't rekibd l, trying to -- rekindle, trying to keep it contained so it does not spread. christian captain ktvu fox 2. >> i caught up with the vice mayor about the future of the property. he tells me because that crane needs to be dismantled immediately as you saw crews out there it will cause some travel delays. >> there's a number of traffic impacts as well because streets that are going be proximate to the area during the dismantling is going to disrupt traffic
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through emeryville most of tomorrow and potentially into monday's morning. >> because of the magnitude of the fire he and other city leaders are thankful no one was seriously injured. a firefighter suffered smoke inhalation but is okay. he applauds the quick and adequate response of emergency personnel. the twoper is promise -- the developer is promising to move forward. they believe the project is delayed nine to 12 months. our coverage will continue. join ktvu mornings on 2 tomorrow and of course online at for video. communities on edge after several vehicles were set on fire while the owners were sleeping are now breathing a sigh of relief after investigators say they've got their guy. police made the arrest this morning in vanisha. they believe he's responsible
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for a string of fires. rob malcolm has more. >> over the past few weeks this scene has created anxiety for homeowners in contra costa county. a vehicle in flames torched by serial arson niss. now they -- arsonists. now they believe they have their man. >> a 36-year-old man was located in a residential area this morning. >> investigators wouldn't release the suspect's name, only saying early this morning they may have caught him in the act. >> the suspect appeared to have possibly set a fire to a vehicle in a driveway. he was stopped a short distance away and was taken into custody without incident. >> the suspect's car was towed for evidence and a search warrant was issued for his home. the six car fires took place in the east bay. all bearing the same signature.
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>> there have been commonalities between the fires that we know of that the suspect is currently being charged with. there were common threads and that was partially how we were able to locate a suspect. >> as the investigation continues authorities are reaching out to other counties to see if any unsolved car fires may be connected. and right now, the 36-year-old man under arrest is facing a string of serious charges. >> the suspect is being booked on 43 different arson charges and his bail will be set at over $3.1 million. >> rob malcolm ktvu fox 2 news. oakland firefighters say they rescued a child trapped in a burning home at 2:00 this morning on lockwood street. the child was hospitalized with serious injuries, but authorities haven't released the child's age or gender just yet. and there's still no word on what caused that fire. police in roanoke park say
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a man died after being hit by an officer's taser gun. it happened at the budget inn on redwood drive. two officers confronted an incoherent man with an outstanding warrant. a police spokesman said when the man resisted arrest an officer fired a stun gun and both officers struggled to take the man down. on the ground he became unresponsive and was later pronounced dead. police have skld the sheriff's dep -- have asked the sheriff's department to review the case. security officials in britain applauding a young researcher today. britain's national cyber security center said that by registering a domain name that unexpectedly stopped the spread of the malware, the malware tech provented further infections. the attack was a perfect storm. it combined known and highly
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dangerous holes in microsoft that let it spread quickly inside networks. as brian reports, the software that caused it was once used by the nsa. >> hackers using a microsoft windows flaw to launch what appears to be the largest cyber attack of its kind on friday. the leaked flaw was once used by the u.s. national security agency. hackers exploiting this software to infect computers with ransomware through spam email or attachmentsch a user -- attachments. a user must then pay ransom or lose files. this is one in northern england friday. it's alarming because of the size and speed, hitting more than 70 countries included the u.s., uk, india, spain, china, and russia. it affected all types of industries from fedex in the u.s. to british hospitals, the
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russian interior ministry, french auto maker renault, and others. many hospitals canceled routine procedures, emergency room procedures were scaled down. the uk prime minister calling the attack on hospitals absolutely disgusting. >> it's unprecedented in terms of the scale of the cyber attack that's taken place. the national cyber security center is working with all organizations here in the uk that have been affected. >> microsoft had released a security update to protect against the attack in march. all windows users are urged to download it. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. in new york bryan, fox news. >> we'll have more after the break. we'll be right back.
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a sans slaw deputy -- sa nis slaw deputy and -- reporter max has new details about the moments leading up to the crash. >> surveillance video from a nearby business appears to show the moments leading up to the deadly crash involving a sheriff's deputy and a community service officer. you can see the white suv at the top of the screen northbound on crows landing road near seventh street followed by a cloud of downburst. >> it was like -- dust. >> it was like a real loud explosion. >> patrick gray lives near where the crash occurred.
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>> by the time i got back up here in the front and looked out my window that's when i started seeing the billowing black smoke coming off the vehicle. >> the sheriff's department says they were on their way to a reported burglary call. >> for unknown reason the vehicle crashed into a building. >> it modesto auto wreckers, landed on top of another struckture, and caught fire. >> it's shocking. we heard that the officer was killed in the accident. that's the worst thing. >> the sheriff's department identifies the deputy as jason garner. and the community service as 15- year veteran raschel johnson. >> you know, we are a big department but we're small enough where we know each other. it's definitely -- it's hard. this is, you know, we had a deputy killed six months ago. it seems like we're still healing from that loss. >> the department says johnson, a nonsworn officer was with garner as part of a training
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exercise and she was going to be the lead training community service officer for the department. it's being investigated by the multidisciplinary action investigation team out of fresno. fresno >> the death comes a day after an alameda deputy tied in a collision with a bus full of tesla employees. there's a memorial fund for the deputy of -- family of deputy khin. you can donate through the san francisco police credit union in person, by mail, or online. the deputy's association says people may be able to deduct contradictions from taxes. politicians in washington line up on either side of the question as to whether president trump should have fired former former fbi director james comey. little is known about what comey himself is doing. he declined an invitation to
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testify tuesday. he said he'll testify but only in public. president trump appeared in a fox news interview in which he dismissed criticism of the firing calling it politics as usual. >> i guess i was a little bit surprised because all of the democrats, i mean, they hated james comey. they didn't like him. they wanted him fired or whatever. and then all of a sudden they come out with these glowing reports. >> fbi directors are appointed to ten-year terms on the theory that they can remove them from political sway. james comey has served less than four years. a parade of applicants appeared in washington, d.c. as allison barber tells us attorney general jeff sessions is leading the interviews. >> the trump administration is working to put the controversy surrounding the firing of james comey behind them. a handful of people had interviews for the job at the fbi.
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among them former assistant attorney general, alice fisher, acting fbi director andrew mccabe, senator john cornyn of texas, judge michael garcia from new york, henry hudson, a district judge from virginia, frances townsend who served as homeland security advisor to george w. bush, and former congressman from michigan, mike rogers. >> we need a director that's apolitical, no political aspirations that will come in and stand up for the fbi. if there's one danger that the fbi faces it's political interference. >> meanwhile lawmakers remain divided over the firing. with some coming to president trump's defense while others call for a special prosecutor to investigate alleged russian ties to the president's 2016 election campaign. it took place just one day before the russian foreign minister was hosted at the white house. he addressed the press aboard air force one saturday morning, shifting focus from the controversy to the candidates
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being considered to replace comey. >> i think process is going to go quickly. almost all of them are very well known. they've been vetted over their lifetime essential. very well known, highly respected. really talented people. that's what we want for the fbi. >> sources tell fox news there's as many as 12 candidates being considered. president trump says a decision could come as early as this week. at the justice department i'm elson barber, fox news. governor brown seeking a surprising ally. the los angeles times says brown sent a letter to the president asking him to transfer final approval of environmental reviews to the rail authority. currently the fed must approve all environmental documents and changes. the $64 billion project is behind schedule. in the past brown and the trump administration haven't seen eye
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to eye on environmental matters. the weather in the bay area. winds picked up this afternoon. temperatures have kind of stabilized over the past few days. lots of 60s for highs today. the warmest locations around 70 in napa and antioch as well. pacifica in the upper 50s, 57 degrees. here's a satellite perspective. clouds and a few showers popping up. the bay area for the most part in the clear right. mostly clear skies from the north bay to south bray. closer -- bay. closer, most spots in the 50s for the 10:00 hour. san jose 53. san francisco downtown 52. and concord at lest check reporting 55. -- at last check reporting 55. here's our camera in san francisco. bundle up with stfrps cooling -- temperatures cooling off. a fairly nice mother's day. start out the day with patchy
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fog. 40s for the coolest locations. 50 for san francisco and livermore will go with 45 degrees stepping out the door tomorrow morning. mother's day, fair skies, patchy fog out there. in the afternoon hours partly sunny and a bit of a breeze. haven't mentioned the chance of a shower yet. we could have a few isolated showers pop up tomorrow afternoon. most of the bay area will be dry. patchy fog tomorrow morning. look what happens into the afternoon hours. some development in the hills here. and up in the north bay we could have more development up by 5:00 keep an eye on this for tomorrow by mid to late afternoon. coming up a closer look at the forecast highs in your neighborhood and possibly another system that could increase shower chances next week. more about that in a few minutes. >> will the, thanks so much -- all right, thanks so much. the more people tell you
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it's not possible that it can't be done, the more you should be absolutely determined to prove them wrong. >> his message to the graduates, plus he singled out one graduate in particular. who she was and why. a virginia couple had to do a double take after seeing a bear behind the wheel of their car. find out what exactly got their attention in the first place.
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pope francis is back in rome after a trip to portugal. he was joined by hundreds of pilgrims flocking to the shrine to honor the three shepard children who reported seeing visions of the virgin mary 100 years ago. they celebrated the anniversary of the apparitions. there was an open air mass to declare the children saints. the pontiff is scheduled to
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meet with president trump next week. speaking to reporters on the plane he said he won't be judgmental and will be looking for common ground. he added that he's -- that it's not his style to argue back and forth in politics or religion. he said in talks he always tries to find doors that are quote at least a bit open. trump and the leader of the world's 1.2 billion catholics meet on wednesday. president donald trump spoke to graduates at liberty university. he urged them to challenge the establishment. >> a glorious day here on the campus of liberty university nestled neatly in the rolling hills of the commonwealth of virginia. site of the president's first commencement address as commander in chief. as you can imagine he did what most speakers do. he talked about, well frankly, congratulations for making it this far. and he took a little shot here
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and there at the students and their wayward lives as undergraduates. he made fun of the football team there and their ambitious future schedule. i think what he tried to do most of all was encourage the students here. there were thousands and thousands of them. to think about your life moving forward you are the author of your personal narrative. encouraging them most of all to be bold and to be themselves. >> nothing is easier or more pathetic than being a critic. because they're people who can't get the job done. but the future belongs to the dreamers. not to the critics. >> in addition to saying congratulations to the great many students in attendance here, about 50,000 people in the stadium and around the stadium for the president ice remarks -- president's remarks, he tried to remind them of the people who have been special in their lives.
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moms, of course it's mother's day on sunday, veterans, and he reminded everyone to be confident. >> carry yourself with dignity and pride. demand the best from yourself and be totally unafraid to challenge entrenched interests and failed power structures. does that sound familiar, by the way? the more people tell you it's not possible that it can't be done, the more you should absolutely be determined to prove them wrong. >> in addition to making it a point to say thank you to all the veterans who graduated here today at liberty there were thousands of them as well. the president also gave a very special shout-out to former buffalo bills quarterback jim kelly, a two-time cancer survivor whose daughter graduated with the class here at liberty in 2017 #. a day she -- 2017. a day she won't forget.
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traveling with the president kevin corke fox news. spurs, warriors, western conference finals. at least one high flying bet on the series. what six flags discovery kingdom is laying on the line. up next. a local woman turning tea time into an annual celebration of women and life. the heartwarming mother's day story in two minutes.
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well, as most of you already know, tomorrow is mother's day. to celebrate moms everywhere claudi next wong introduces -- claudine wong introduces us to a mom. >> the ceo of the --
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>> and we're selling our home. after 30 some odd years. it's hard, but it's in passage. another transition in life. >> my father started the family business. my dad was an administrator and my mom was a nurse. she broke her water giving the heimlich maneuver. because both of them worked there i would be there at night so i kind of grew up around these seniors being a part of my life. >> she's a unique example of someone who lives with the wisdom of the past and the optimism of the future. she will tell you she had a wonderful role model in her parents specifically her mother who inspired her work with nonprofits like girls inc. and the boys and girls club. >> i remember growing up my mom always would give a lot. she gave money to charities.
10:32 pm
her own personal tithing. then i realized it was more than that. i want to give myself. >> she still carries with her today a conversation she had when she was just 13 years old. her family was living at the lodge senior community at the time. there was a woman there who liked to dance at the community's happy hour. >> there was a woman who i thought literally was crazy. she would dansby herself in the middle of the thing. and so finally i thought it was time to talk to her. i said, you know, why do you dance? and she told me that she had lost every single member of her family in the holocaust. she was the only survivor. when she got out she decided no one was going to take her joy again. as long as she wasn't hurting anybody she was going to do whatever she pleased. i carry that with me. as long as you're not hurting anybody do what brings you joy. >> she thinks of that woman often and as a mother herself she looks forward to the future her daughter will have. >> it really grounded me.
10:33 pm
you know? it was amazing how in that split second it went from being about me to being about her. i lost my grandmother while i was pregnant with my daughter. it helped solidify that circle of life thing. >> she's accomplished but on this day she says she remembers she does not do it alone. >> my parents live next door. my mom is great. i have my husband who is a stay at home dad, but like my partner. i can do it because i have a strong support system. >> sa system that will -- a system that will adapt and change like it does for residents here. >> you have to accept what's happening and do the best you can with it. >> making the best with the people you love, the life you are given, and the opportunities you have on days like mother's day to celebrate those around you. every year on mother's day lauren zimmerman-cook does that with a tea party. >> tea parties are fun for 5- year-olds and 85-year-olds.
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>> and we will have some sunshine coming up for your mother's day forecast. a few clouds to the north. coming up, when shower chances return in our five-day forecast. what made two guys build race car engines in their own shop?
10:35 pm
what made them believe that a two-ton behemoth could compete in a track race? or that they could take on the elite in world motor racing, and win? we may never truly understand what drives mercedes-amg. but here's to another 50 years of it. mercedes-amg. half a century of driving performance.
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now to an unusual story out of virginia. a couple says they were inside their home when they heard their car's horn honking outside. they ran out to investigate and couldn't believe what they saw. a bear cub was sitting in the front seat of the car and had locked himself inside. officials say the bear caused some damage inside the car but didn't break the window. they think he may have used the handle to get in. once they located their car keys officers were on hand as they opened the back door and
10:37 pm
off that bear cub went. >> outside of the door we figure he was scratching to get in. the door was unlocked. so he got in. and then the lock just wasn't working for him. >> we talked to the game warden. it's the first time he's heard of a bear locking themselves in a vehicle as well. >> police think that bear may have been looking for snacks in the car. the golden state warriors and the san antonio spurs aren't the only ones with something at stake. the six flags in vallejo made a wager with the six flags in san antonio. looking pretty frightened on that roller coaster. so anyway, they're betting over the outcome of the games. if the warriors beat the spurs the texans will change the rattler to the iron warrior.
10:38 pm
alex savidge was there riding the spur when it opened. that's why you saw him there. the six flag president will wear a leonard jersey all weekend long as well if they win. thoughts? >> looks like a great roller coaster. >> alex was having fun. yeah. forecast headlines in the bay area. a sunny weekend so far with mostly sunny skies. a bit of a breeze tonight. tomorrow partly sunny and then we gradually warm up the numbers. we're talking thursday, friday and the upcoming weekend as well. for mother's day coming on board for tomorrow we're expecting this. fair skies, patchy fog, temperatures mid-40s to the mid- 50s. in the afternoon hours we are expecting partly sunny skies, a few clouds developing especially over the higher terrain. temperatures in the upper 350s to around 7 # -- 50s to around 07 degrees. looking -- 70 degrees. looking nice for the moms out there.
10:39 pm
a live camera. a few clouds working their way bang in. this the -- back in. this is the san jose camera with patchy fog trying to regroup. it will be a factor tomorrow morning in the santa clara valley. our satellite pictures show clouds to the north and greens near mend see know. the -- mendicino. some of the current temperatures. lots of 50s across the board for santa rosa, oakland. san jose last check 53. wind speeds were up today. let's check in. they have backed off quite a bit through this evening. concord only eight miles an hour. sfo right now, that's still pretty gusty. sustained at 24, gusting to 31. a bit of a breeze near the coast and near parts of the bay right now. heading toward the baseball game for mother 's day tomorrow we are expecting partly sunny skies at at&t park. temperature around 60 degrees. winds a factor once again,
10:40 pm
northwesterly around 25 miles an hour. a cooler weather system to the north capping the bay area temperatures. just talking about 60s for tomorrow. monday and tuesday, a few days ago, we started with warm numbers. we've been cooling off steadily. for tomorrow fair skies. you'll probably see more clouds pop up during the afternoon hours. especially over the higher terrain. we talked about that temperature range in the 60s. in terms of shower chances, we talked about that isolated shower for tomorrow. that could be a factor. especially over the higher terrain and especially up in portions of the north bay toward santa rosa, napa. that could be happening between 3:00 and 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. and then on monday we're expecting relatively clear skies in the bay area. maybe some rain showers and maybe some higher elevation snow in the sierra. that could be a factor by monday, 3:00 p.m. on tuesday we thicken up the clouds. look what happens. a better chance of showers working their way back through the area. especially in the north bay.
10:41 pm
looks like that forecast model trying to keep the showers north of the bay area. we'll investigate that probability over the next 24 hours as we head toward the tuesday forecast. at least for tomorrow upper 50s to 60s, right around 70 degrees. san jose 68. half-moon bay 59. and here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast we'll do it all over again into monday. there's a chance of a shower on tuesday in the north bay. alyana, if you like the warmer temperatures, which i know you do, for your mother's day and mom visiting nice weather later in the week. >> awesome. >> happy mother's day. >> thank you, mark, appreciate it. sports wrap is next. including a visit steve kerr as the unite giants -- giants try to put together a winning streak. details next.
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fox 2 nissan sports wrap starts now. >> yes it does. i'm scott reiss. the a's making less and less sense as the season wears on. last season three straight walk off wins snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. this weekend they jump out to leads and then going in the other direction. of course with this team every dog does have its day one way or another. a's and rangers here we go. top five. matt joyce down the right field line. bruce, raje in. joyce going to get greedy. uh-oh. the a's have a 3-2 lead. elvis endris finds a hole.
10:45 pm
delano deshield scores. that lead gone. mazara, khris davis, not so much shin-soo chu right behind it. the a's have a little fight. yonder alonzo gets it. one of the stories of this baseball season. 12 home runs tied for second in the american league. prooechious career high -- previous career high, nine. matt bush to steven boat. rangers win 6-5. sonny gray pitched pretty well. hasn't won since last july 26th. the a's 4-4 in one-run games this season. if you're going to play for six hours and 17 innings you may as well win. the giants did that last night or this morning courtesy of a posy walk off. this afternoon a more conventional victory.


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